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Using technology to enhance Town Hall Meetings



A Town Hall Business Meeting is an organization-wide business meeting in which an executive report is made and then employees or guests have an opportunity to ask questions and engage with business executives. Town Hall Business Meetings can be held in large conference rooms, corporate cafeterias, hotel ballrooms and across many time zones and continents.
Using video communications systems and a meeting moderator, business executives can hold Town Hall Business Meetings in multiple time zones at once. All employees get one message in a lively forum that comes close to the experience of having executives travel to each location. When employees have the opportunity to ask questions and to see and hear a live presentation, a Town Hall Business meeting comes alive and drives employee engagement.
Here, we share few tips to enhance Town Hall Business Meetings using technology. Read more to learn how to get employees engaged and motivated to make the most of their roles in the organization.

Celebrate the winners

Everyone likes getting awards — employee recognition is a cost-effective motivation booster that lets those awarded feel good about their work and help them align with the company’s mission and values.

Dress down the event

Employees like to hear from other people apart from the usual horde of senior managers. Including non-leadership presenters during company-wide town hall gatherings makes the meeting a lot less intimidating and seem a lot less biased. Not only does this allow different perspectives to be represented, it also creates a truer sense of transparency and openness in the organization.

Keep it simple

There’s nothing worse than going to a meeting and not being able to understand a word anyone is saying. Whether it be too many abbreviated tech terminologies or eye-straining slides, try to avoid overly complex topics for your all-hands meetings and keep the message simple, understandable and to the point.

Live stream the meeting


When you get into the hundreds or thousands of attendees, live streaming lets you extend the message beyond the big room since attendees can plug in from anywhere and get the same interactive and engaging experience as if they were there in person. Broadcasting a video stream is as simple as sending out a link that viewers can connect to the right from their web browsers.

Two-way conversation is key

Ensure meetings are always two-way conversations between presenters and attendees. You can send out the meeting agenda ahead of time so people come to the meeting prepared with questions. You can also conduct a Q&A during the presentation or just have question portal during the meeting. Many employees would like to speak up and this just might be the right occasion for them.

Record and share the event

Creating a video presence for your organization is easy. With the right technology, you can instantly generate a huge bank of video content. The video recordings can be used to show employees who are unable to attend town halls can tune in on their own time. Being able to access important company meetings online any time makes your company truly timeless. The videos can also be used to engage employees via newsletters, blogs, and photo/video galleries for internal viewing.

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What is AVoIP? Everything you need to know about it!

All about AVoIP

With IP networks now such a vital part of business infrastructure, the centralized control and monitoring of AV systems over IP networks has been a noticeable development. AV over IP (AVoIP) offers huge possibilities in terms of AV system flexibility, rapid troubleshooting, and remote control/monitoring.

There are two main aspects when looking at AVoIP. Firstly, its features and capabilities; secondly the management prowess of putting personal area network (PAN) activity over the network. From a network perspective, AVoIP provides end users and the administrators in charge of their AV applications the ability to manage all of their resources from a single point.

Currently, the use of voice, security and audio systems over IP networks is widespread. However, the management and control of AV systems, especially video, has been the often ignored. Once AV is brought into the mix, it is beneficial to have the universal management of all those resources over a single network.

AudioVisual over IP (AVoIP) allows IP enabled audio-visual equipment to be connected over an IT infrastructure allowing central control and remote monitoring. This delivers real time data of you IP controlled systems and can help diagnose and correct outages before the end user becomes aware of any issues. This includes presentation systems, video conferencing, distributed TV and control systems. Amongst the benefits of this is better functionality with a lower cost of operation and maintenance.

From an AV features perspective, we are now getting further away from a defined architecture of matrix switches. In a ‘traditional’ AV system, each piece of AV hardware does a specific job and it’s a case of linking them together in discrete systems. However, with AVoIP comes a new generation of a much more flexible hardware, which can be quickly updated to add the features and other required elements of a project into particular devices.


AVoIP also offers the advantage of reduced costs associated with AV-specific tasks like switching, conduit, cabling infrastructure, pathway and storage, utilizing the existing data infrastructure to support AV distribution. At the same time, system requirements are simplified and adding extra input/output or extending the reach of a system can be done quickly, simply and cost-effectively. AVoIP adds agility to the whole AV industry. As features emerge and technologies change, we can quickly apply those to a particular device.

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4 easy tips to get smart classroom AV solutions

Tips to get smart classroom AV solutions

We’ve come a long way since the most important tool for students was the pencil. Currently, even the younger students take their lessons on tablets or computers. In the last few years, schools have been hard at work in setting up computer labs and installing iPads, projectors and other classroom AV solutions along with developing or customizing learning apps for mobile.

Smart classroom AV solutions are no longer a new phenomenon. Today, schools are integrating classroom AV solutions for a wholesome and interactive learning experience. That being said, IT and administrative staff may be scouting for the next wave of interactive technologies that can be used for improving education infrastructure. Following are few solutions that educational institutions can have on their list of considerations.

1. Interactive Whiteboards

This solution replaces the good old projectors and chalkboards. They are much more visually appealing and allow students to use added hands-on features. They can be used during presentation, discussions and solving problems as a group. Many interactive whiteboards also auto save all annotations and changes to the cloud ensuring any time access to content.

2. Video Conferencing

Educational institutions can use video conferencing to feature remote guest speakers, attend virtual field trips, and offer lessons to remote students. Having AV solutions can also help students connect with other students from other geographic locations. Imagine the learning environment this could create!

3. Content Presentation Systems

They are designed for a variety of applications from Video Conferencing, content creation, collaboration and sharing in educational institutions. These solutions allow students and teachers to share and save content. Opt for features like device mirroring and any-to-any connectivity.

4. Virtual Reality

Virtual and Augmented reality is gaining stellar momentum. Virtual reality learning is an ideal way of increasing engagement with students in a manner they are comfortable with. These technologies are for more than just realistic gaming. They take the virtual field trip to the next level. They can also facilitate other learning activities like 3D modeling and printing. VR technology adds a new dimension to education.

Schools and education institutions are moving away from the era of outdated textbooks. They now have information and powerful tools at their disposal. Schools ought to know what are the latest smart classroom solutions are available. At all times, it is crucial that schools work with a trusted audio video integrator to explore the best options available in the AV industry. Being informed helps make decisions that benefits both the schools and the students in the long run.

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5 Tips for Creating a Successful Digital Signage Experience


Today, there are a myriad different technologies to help you study, shop or even travel. One of these technologies is digital signage. With so many options available, how can you create an absorbing experience for your brand using digital signage solutions? Read this guide to find out…So, here goes…

1) Plan your digital signage offering well: Installing a digital signage solution without a plan, is like trying to find a location without a map. Installing every bit of technology without following a plan leaves you with many parts to manage and a difficult system to monitor. It will probably result in a mismatched digital installation. You should look at the big picture aesthetically to ensure that you are telling a consistent visual and display story.

2) Ensure that the digital signage experience you provide extends beyond your physical store or office: In-store digital technologies close the gap between an online and offline shopping experience. For example, certain stores install a 24-hour interactive window display, allowing customers to window shop whenever they want. Customers can also buy items using touchscreen technology, which are then delivered the same day by the retailer. This kind of technology allows customers to choose between an in-store experience and a quick delivery, depending on their preference. This kind of digital experience also enhances the engagement of your in-store customers. However, you should carry the same level of engagement with customers who prefer to shop outside of your brick-and-mortar location.

3) Create trust on social media: A recent research study has discovered that 74% of customers in the United States rely on their social networks to make purchase decisions. If your brand is not captivating customers and creating trust on social media, you are missing a huge opportunity to generate web and foot traffic. For example, as a retailer you can create and install a digital signage solution in your retail location that displays social media posts relevant to your brand. This reinforces that your brand is engaged with customers in the social world.

4) Use technology to make the experience convenient and unique for your customers: Many retailers are offering their customers a personalized shopping experience using the latest in digital signage technology. One such experience is a virtual fitting-room technology that allows customers to try on clothes without having to untie shoes or slink their way out of skinny jeans. Many retailers are also using iPads on the sales floor to allow shoppers to look up inventory levels, purchase online, or purchase directly from the sales floor. These options let your customers shop on their own terms. They also provide your customers with a new and engaging way to shop without slowing them down. In the final analysis, your digital strategy should provide added convenience for shoppers.

5) Keep up with your customers: The in-store retail experience has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. The journey is no longer about only print ads and static sale signage, but is a multifaceted digital experience that integrates social media and in-store technology. Customers expect the latest and greatest in digital signage solutions if they are to engage with your brand long-term.

These are the top 5 things to keep in mind when trying to engage your customers with digital signage solutions. You can be a clothes retailer, a travel company, or then, an online tutoring company. Whatever you business, if you are not using digital signage solutions, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. If you center your digital experience around your customers, success is guaranteed. Here’s to a seamless and successful digital signage experience…

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Benefits of Smart Automation in Homes

We live in an era of immense and unprecedented technological progress; everything we do is with the help of technology. One cannot quite imagine a life without it. It has become the source of employment, interest, industrial working and thinking. So why should our homes, where we spend the larger part of our lives be bereft of the benefits that high- technology can bring? Homes can be a place of comfort and luxury at the same time; home automation systems with their audio- video solutions, remote sensing technology and so on, do just that. Continue reading

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How AV Solutions Lead To A Less Tiresome Work Environment

It is difficult to work in an environment where you are concentrating on more than one task at a time, and the technology is not advanced enough to help you manage multiple tasks. But then, isn’t working all about multi-tasking? So, how do we deal with stressful issues, like creating the right presentations to productively handling daily business meetings?   Continue reading

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