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Easy tips to have productive conference calls with remote teams


In today’s tech-driven world, employee teams telecommute and work from different parts of the world. Many global companies now allow employees to telecommute or work from a remote location or home. The benefits of a remote workforce stem from allowing employees to spend more time in their comfort zones, thereby enhancing productivity.

Although communication can be accomplished in numerous ways, from email to instant messaging and web conferencing, face-to-face interactions are still pivotal. Today, it is commonplace for teams to meet their remote counterparts via video conferencing platforms.

A conference call executed with everyone’s best interests in mind is the right way to accomplish those objectives with your remote team. Conferencing technologies allow meeting in the virtual space, saving time and money and offering flexibility in location and timing. This post discusses easy tips to make conference calls with remote teams productive and effective.

Keep it short and focused

Let’s not bore everyone to tears with corporate updates and policy changes and what-not. Send that information in an email (with bullet points for easy reading) and refer to the document to make your points. Use your conference calls to help your team members overcome obstacles, hash out ideas and help each other out.

Use the right video conferencing platform

You are responsible for making sure your conference call goes smoothly. Part of that is using the right technology. These days, cloud-based video conferencing offer businesses a license-based “always-available” communication service without the hassle of having on-premise servers and other infrastructure.

Have a clear plan and agenda

Plan an agenda and email it to everyone. It doesn’t have to be formal, but everyone should be aware of your discussion topics and prepared to contribute to the conversation. The agenda can be sent along with the meeting invite. Modern audio and video conferencing platforms feature calendar integrations built-in.

Make the call engage and interactive

Ask your teleworkers question, use their names and make them feel involved. The more they feel like they belong to the discussion, the more they’ll feel like offering ideas. You could also promote the usage of annotation tools available in today’s unified communication and collaboration platforms.


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12 Essential tips to achieve better enterprise desktop Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is becoming the preferred way for businesses to conduct both one-on-one meetings as well as group meetings. Employees can use video conferencing to participate in meetings in a more relaxed and comfortable way, whether they are working from home or in the office. Live video feeds let participants interact with each other in real time.

Using video conferencing regularly, results in increased involvement and stronger personal connections. For businesses of different sizes, video conferencing can reduce time spent walking between campuses and buildings, and also reduces travel time for meetings.

More importantly, advances in video conferencing software makes it more appealing and cost-effective than ever before. Also, the advent of cloud-based video conferencing means that businesses do not necessarily need to invest in expensive hardware to make that all-important video call.

However, all video conferencing is not created equal. You will need to choose your equipment carefully depending on your unique needs. We shall talk about the 12 essential points to keep in mind for successful enterprise desktop video conferencing. Here goes…

1) Use a top-notch camera: Use a professional-grade camera to ensure best image quality. Also, do not forget to keep the camera lens clean.

2) Use the right microphones: If you are connecting to your video conferencing system using mobile phones and tablets, you should use a Bluetooth microphone and a wired headset. Another option is using a clip-on microphone that has noise-cancelling features and a wide pickup frequency range. Also, you should mute your microphone when it is in listening mode and conduct video conferences from quiet, indoor meeting spaces.

3) Use the right lighting: You can record and transmit high-quality images only if there is good lighting in your meeting space. You should experiment with lighting by moving it around. Also, avoid direct sunlight on your face or behind you.

4) Use enhanced bandwidth: If you have insufficient bandwidth it will hamper desktop video conferencing quality. Bandwidth problems result in the skipping of video conferencing images and decreased window size. Be sure to enhance bandwidth to the computers you plan to use for desktop video conferencing.

5) Reduce the burden on the memory and CPU of your computer: You should not do any other tasks on your computer, such as processing or downloading while you are on a video conference. You should also close all unnecessary applications to improve memory resources.

6) Pay attention to body language when on a video conference call: You are being continuously watched when you are on a desktop video conference, so pay attention to what you do and to your body language. Do not yawn, clean your ears or cough into the camera. Ensure that you mind your manners when on a video conference.

7) Ensure that your background is clean: Your background, such as walls and furniture appear very clearly on desktop video conferences. Ensure that your background is clean and appealing. A plain, light-coloured background with your company logo looks best.

8) Speak directly to the camera: You should speak directly to the camera and not to the person on the screen. This is most noticeable when incoming video is projected on a large TV screen, but outgoing video is captured via the desktop in front of you.

9) Mute your microphone to eliminate background noise and echoes: If there is a lot of background noise, you should mute your microphone to correct this problem. You should also remove nearby electronic devices, especially phones or other wireless devices.

10) Become familiar with the video conferencing system before the call: Practice using your video conferencing system well ahead of your actual call. You should download the desktop video client and ensure that it installs. You should learn its chat function, try out the whiteboard, and select and deselect the camera or microphone. The more you know, the better you will look.

11) Dress the way you would for a formal meeting: Dress business-like like you would for an in-person meeting. You should wear royal blue, purple or gray as they contrast well with a light-coloured background. You should avoid wearing complex designs that the webcam cannot pick up effectively. Also avoid too much jewelery.

12) Practice using the system beforehand: You should practice your presentation by recording yourself using the video conferencing software and critiquing the presentation. Video conferencing will help you improve your presentations in both the virtual and the physical world.

These are the 12 essentials to keep in mind when setting up and using a video conferencing system.  Do pay attention to these before and during your video conference. Here’s to seamess and satisfactory video calls!

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Video Conferencing: Always Connected

Do you stay far away, yet want to remain connected with your loved ones? Do you have a business meeting with people miles away?This was never possible until the advent of video conferencing . Video conferencing has changed our lives, and how! Needless to say, it is one of the best innovations for your business. Continue reading

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