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Turning Your Home into a Smart Home with these Smart Home Solutions

Smart Home Solutions


If you’ve always wanted the kind of smart home they show in the movies, you’re in luck! Increasingly, a plethora of smart home gadgets are available that will turn your humble abode into a smart home….smart home solutions and all…This guide will talk about some of these smart home solutions and what you can do with them. So, here goes…

1) Smart Door Locks: These are a smart substitute for house keys. You can opt for a more modern entryway by installing a smart door-lock system. Such products will let you lock and unlock your door using your smartphone. What’s more, you can program “virtual keys” for other visitors, such as friends, relative, the cleaning service…the list goes on. These virtual keys will only activate at certain times. Prices are typically in the US $200 range and installation is often as simple as putting hardware on top of your existing deadbolt.

2) Smart Home Network: You can add a network-attached storage system to your home network to boost your home’s intelligence in ways you never imagined. It consolidates, centralizes, and syncs all your music, movies, photos, documents, and other data. It then makes it all available on-demand to just about any connected device, including phones, tablets, TVs, and PCs.

3) Smart Thermostat: You can install a smart thermostat, which automatically learns what temperatures you like and when (during the day, at night, and so on). It also automatically adjusts itself based on whether you are home or not, due to built-in movement sensors. You can also monitor and control everything right from your smartphone. This works well when you’re outside in the cold and want to walk into a warm house.

4) Smart Light Bulbs: Smart bulbs are LEDs all the way! And what’s more, LED bulbs can change colours, connect to apps and the Internet and much more…They do this while consuming considerably less power and lasting for decades.

Now you know how to get started in setting up your smart home. Keep these first steps in mind and understand that you don’t need deep pockets to get started with your smart home…All you need is imagination, flair, and the right products. The latter can range from the right lighting control to the smartest security system, and from the smart thermostat to the smart home network. Here’s to building your very smart home…

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